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Communicate with other electric car owners anonymously on availability of charging points


A simple “ping” notification to a charging car allows you to ask the owner how long they may be, so you can decide to wait, or find another charging point.


With limited electric car charging points, wouldn’t it be amazing if we could communicate to a charging car to request availability?

Ping4Power does just that. It lets one electric car owner contact another within an anonymous community, asking how soon they plan to return. A simple one-click response mechanism sends the requestor a response so they can decide to stay put or find another charging point. No more rushing back to the charging point to find no-one is waiting. No more worrying that you are ‘hogging’ the charging point. No more hanging around. Time is precious.

User Feedback

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our users say:

I always felt guilty when charging my car while shopping – that constant concern that someone was waiting to charge in order to get home, when my car was at 90%. Do I go back, or can I have that extra 5 minutes? With Ping4Power I get that notification if someone is waiting, taking away the worry of not knowing.

I can’t tell you how many times I have rolled up at the only charger for miles, to find someone was using it. Do I hang around or drive to another? When will they come back? Ping4Power is a great, anonymous way for me to let them know I am here, and for them to give me an idea when they will return. Priceless

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